Classic childhood toy card

Remember when playing something? Bamboo is holding a gun? Xiu Xiu jeer rubber band war is it? Or all together game costumes Aberdeen mark? There are not done on the ground to let the marbles fall of cards with friends prank? These bits and pieces of memories pressed together really want to make people laugh and touched!

Solitaire childhood playmates are really long time no see, whether it is to study abroad, married and punching cause, somehow not contact, if they can go back in time to return our 5,6 years of that time, you and Street visit neighbors or friends are gathered together to play what game? Although memories can not really into the past, but these memories are our stories.

There is no group of people, Aberdeen costumes for this standard, the fight quarrel with a friend before? This is a specially brought more than athletic competition game Oh! The more cards on behalf of more hands to win the victory, lose a card as necessary to take a price, usually choose the most important as their trump card, if you do not accidentally lose ace was gone, but will be sad one several days.