Literacy card can develop imagination

Early literacy,diver early development of imagination

Our characters much wisdom ah, some words particular image, some profound meaning of the word, all the words can be reminiscent of a lot. Teach children to read when I first told him this word is how come, why do you read. So when his son do not know the word will also have a lot of associations, think what it is like, what the card read. He is now 9 years old, has written dozens of science fiction, the story is full of imagination. Let the children early literacy, it is more important is that he can release the potential of thinking in the sense of space in Chinese characters.

Literate, but no imagination

I heard that let infants early literacy development in favor of the right brain, so I'm starting from 1-year-old daughter taught her to read. She is now literate lot,Literacy card you must bring confidence but I found something she seems to lack imagination. For example, last Sunday, the first time I took her to the aquarium. I asked her out in front of you guess we'll see what kind of fish, the daughter pulls her literacy card word in the fish and handed me a card. Cases like this happen too many times. Character is not fixed so much meaning, so that the child's thinking has been solidified,Find the method the baby to see literacy learning cards it will not be extended imagine? It makes me a little hesitant, but also not to teach her to read.

Expert opinion

Children have no imagination, no relationship with literacy sooner or later, Baby to see literacy learning card method have a relationship with how literacy. Like a branch, piece of paper, a brick ...... these things themselves and imagination nothing but imagination can become a tool for development. There did not produce results, the key lies in how we use the card.

When we often associated with characters to encourage children to think about or irrelevant thingsTeach your baby to create a literate card library, the door of the child's imagination such training will be opened. And when we just put the word as a symbol to teach children, he will become the literacy process rules of right and wrong experience, children will be trained to be afraid of "Categories teach your baby to know literate card lettering the unnatural.