Like attracts like

Player chooses two cards, then invite an audience cut card. Two cards Cards figures cut card after the last player selected in advance of two cards with the audience coincide with each other.

1) In order not to make the audience think you are cheating, the first completely cleared of cards.
2) a closer look at this pair of cards, make sure you have a clear top surface and the bottom card poker, then tell everyone you are going to choose two cards.
3) Select the two cards were going to the top and bottom of the card Cards consistent. (For example, if the cards are Hearts 4 You can select a block 4)
4) invite the audience a cut card.
5) Pick up the first card (that is, the top card is not cut before licensing), it turned out.
6) the following half-cut card after a complete turn over the cards.
7) pulls you originally selected two cards. This four sheets of paper face cards are consistent with each other.