Grab neighbor

Grab neighbor is a pick up the red dot poker game. The latest game in the 1860s was born, since 1861, published in Dickens novel "Great Expectations" documented it, called Pip.
A set of 52 cards Tips to memorize the pokerevenly between two players, each card face down on the table.
Heike took out a card and the hand on him untilUpgrading skills and play poker he was revealing A, K, Q or J. If the mortgage is Heike A, revealing four cards to the dealer24 points, is going out of 3 K, Q to 2, J is one. However, if during his opening revealing the A, K, Q or J, the other party has to immediately lay bare the corresponding 4,3,2 or a card, and so on. When the entire process is completed, finally revealing A, K, Q or J party took all the cards7 ghost 523, the cards on the card under his hand, this time he is Heike, he started out on a most brandrelocation expert .