Magic cards

Mathematical magic, often use to esoteric principles. However, simple math knowledge can sometimes achieve the same effect, such as the following examples. Readers may wish to try and guess what the principle behind the magic of these simple yes. Although simple, but it may not be able to easily guess, to try it.

I do not see a license plate number guess different colors

Performers take out a deck of cards, to show no hands and feet, ask a member of the audience several times to wash cards. Then, poker cards face down, one by one put on the table, visitors can stop at any time. After the halt, cards on the table owned by the audience. At this point neither turn their hand cards, the performer says, "I am using my telepathy to guess the cards in your hand and how many in each of red and black," then asked the audience from remove the stack of cards in a certain number of cards in the stack into another, such as "Please choose a red card from your hand of cards, the two put my black card in the stack." After this, the performer while telepathy, could claim the first red card in the stack of cards and other cards in the stack is equal to the number of the black card. If the viewer authentication, you will find literally.

Magic Secret: Why? In fact, this principle is very simple magic, performers only need to remember the number of cards, trying to make two stacks of cards are the number 26 on it. And even asked the audience to the licensing process, the process is equally of the deck. When the two stacks are equal, when the number of cards, then obviously there will be:

The second stack of cards Number of red cards in the stack + number of the second Black Label 26 =

The first stack of cards the number of red cards in the stack number + second red card = 26

The first stack of cards the number of red cards in the first stack number + black card = 26
Solutions of equations can be obtained: a first stack of cards Red cards stacked second number = the number of black card

Piano Hand

This is the passage of a magic formula. Performers to please an audience hands flat on the table, followed by the two cards face stacked poker between two fingers into the TA should be noted that among the audience left ring finger and little finger only put a card.

Subsequently, the performers take out between his fingers a pair of cards were placed on both sides of the table, this is the case, there will be two sides of the same number of cards each stack. Finally performers picked up the ring finger and little finger left hand single card between bright for everyone to see, ask the audience: "? You say that this single card on which side of good" if the viewer selects the left, put the performer put it on the left, and then said, "Now I can make this card is transferred from the stack in top of left to right." Performers immediately pick up on the right stack of cards, one for the number of cards, when the last remaining a single card, put the card showed the view: it is the last to be just spectators requirements placed on the left goes, licensing was really moved later!

Magic Secret: In fact, the only thing the magician's hands and feet is to prepare three different cards, on his left ring finger and little finger goes in the middle of a single card is one of them, the other two are inserted in a different location pair. Thus, when the sub-license will be able to ensure that each card in the stack has a "backup", just find this backup, you will be able to successfully complete the magic.

Found that card

Performers take a deck of cards after shuffling the cards into the card face down on the table, "casually" say a card, such as 6 of hearts, and declared that it can not read the cards to find it.

First of audience numbers casually say a 1-26 between, for example, 13, the top performers from the stack of cards out one by one the number of cards placed next to 13 so far. Then turn the remaining cards in the top of that card, the result is not 6 of hearts, performers say "no relationship, hearts in the bottom half of the stack 6 may sub-license, I now put 13 cards separated again put back the top card, and then give you a larger number, a "27-52 between. To assume that the audience figures are 33 performers like last time, the number of cards from the top of the 33 cards aside, and then open the remaining cards uppermost one, the result is not the 6 of hearts, it is not Magic is not to force it? Magic went on to say, "We do not rush, and now I put 33 cards and put back on top of the original brand, we can put two numbers just 33 and 13 subtract the result is 20, from the top of my cards count 20 cards, 21 cards and then turned to look, it really is 6 hearts!

Magic Secret: Actually, just remember the performers after the top-level reshuffle that card (that is, the first card) What is it. The "casual" says this can only be a certain brand. And the number two brand operation is put into a subtract two numbers corresponding to the topmost position.