Multiplayer poker game: Marathon

[Board] a poker, deprived king size, two to the number of people the game. Shuffle, cut card, each player in turn counterclockwise to draw cards until the cards are in possession of five so far. I cards on the table in the middle, left outs purposes.

[Play] card without primary and secondary points, pips descending order A, K, Q, J, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. Was first arrested by the dealer leading the cards, and the remaining players turn over cards, cards with a flush must not pad the other suits of cards, if the cards do not have to spend, press the following processing method.

(1) When I unused cards by not flush with the remainder of cards from the dealer by one flop to see if it is flush. If so, then it is to hit the table; if not, then the card receive their own hands, flop continue until it encounters a flush draw so far. After the flush pulls out of play, the players continue with the following cards. If two or more players are not flush, you need to turn outs. After each player has a flush with the card than the hinge point of each card, card points are eligible for the next round of big cards right.

(2) When a player outs from the remainder of cards until the card is turned when I did not finish the Division encountered a wreath, or had run in more than cards and can not make the case can, by one thousand dealer or by order of the cards do not have a first flush poker hand the wheel of the cards have been out on the table cards (not included in the previous rounds of the cards have been destroyed cards) receive their own hands, the following a player can not be followed with the cards from the deck of cards in front of point and to continue the next round of licensing. As before licensing income, there is only one player out checks, that player will continue the next round of licensing.

All in all, this play does not allow other circumstances pad color cards, such as when you can not flush out with either the remainder of cards up into either receive the round has played cards in their hands. If the cards round, all players can with a flush. Depending on the size of the card points to determine the next round of cards right, and this round of cards was destroyed.

The purpose of playing cards is more than can be caught with the same brand, so that other players as much as possible outs in unlicensed poker training can _ stoppage time to allow other players to eat cards. The first kick in the hands of cards is the winner.