Playing cards - pumping ghost card

This game requires two or more people to play. In the game of pumping ghost card, who finally got the ghost card, who would lose.

In the beginning, 52 cards with a few points, and a ghost card mixed shuffle, in accordance with the order of cards to each person, all the cards to be finished.

Players can hit the first hand to make a pair (that is, the same two points, different colors) of the card.

When all the players do not have the same hand can make up a pair, you can start "pumping ghost card."

Players turn to their right hand or left hand side of the player draw a card. Will be able to get the cards and their original combination of cards, all composed of a pair of cards, you can throw into the pile in the pile. As soon as possible to make a pair of cards can make up a pair of cards and then play, and finally hand ghost brand participants will be considered lost.

Since cards are made up of four colors, all cards can be paired and discarded. But there is one exception. That card is a "ghost card." At the beginning of the game, one of the players had a ghost card, and he had to use every means to get the other players to get the ghost card, but not let others see through their intentions. The process is very exciting.