How to ask a good question?

 Some simple and insignificant right and wrong can be directly cut a card, the position is yes, reverse position is. (Of course, this approach is more rough, there is an alternative program is to cut three cards, count more than the bit reverse or bit more). But this method only applies to small problems, such as dinner tonight to a restaurant how. And do not forget to make our own decisions.

 As for the major problems of course can not be so simple to solve:

Instead of asking questions directly, ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation, and stay active. Let the tarot to give us inspiration and advice, do not throw the decision to do the tarot, especially not into fatalism, that everything is doomed in the future.

2 faced with a choice on the choice of type array, which way to see the parties better.

3 Try to avoid only time-related problems. For example: When will I get promoted? Because the Tarot is not suitable for solving the problem of time, although barely there are several ways, but not perfect.

4 avoid excessive emotional problems. For example: Why does not she love me?

5 problem to be clear.

6 can only count the recent events, can not ask too long or even a relationship of life issues.
 As an example, here are a few examples of errors:
I will not become a couple with him in the future? (Too fateful)
Should I resign my current job? (Let the tarot to make a decision)
Why do I always do not hard? (Not active, emotional)
How about my love? How about my work? (unclear)
When can I get married? (Only time-related)
I will not get married in this life? (Non-recent events, too emotional)

 Look at the following examples:
What is my current relationship with him? What is my best response?
I am currently working on any blind spots and should pay attention to the place?
How can I improve my bad habits?
What is the relationship I have with A in these three months and how can I do that to make our relationship better?

 In a word, ask constructive questions in order to get a constructive answer.