Teach at monkey tree-Watch and listen to business-related media

Teach at monkey tree, English podcast
You can listen to English podcasts at any time and any place. Here are some podcasts that can help you improve your business English:
A. Dose of Leadership: If you want to enhance your leadership skills, recommend you try this useful podcast.
B. Ted Radio Hour: These inspiring speeches will certainly expand your international outlook, inspire your understanding, and ultimately make you a more thought-provoking business person.
C. Startup: Entrepreneurs of start-up companies must not miss this most practical podcast.
English podcast: Ted Radio Hour
2. English album and TV show
Watching business-themed English albums and TV shows is not just a fun entertainment, but also a good way to learn English. In the viewing process, let the English subtitles show, if you do not understand the words or dialogue, please be sure to pause down to find out, and so understand and then re-watch.
A. The Office: This is an American TV series where you can learn business English and business humor from this comedy.
B. Shark Tank: This is the ABC Broadcasting Show, and you can see how start-ups can tell their ideas and prospects to attract investment and raise venture funds.
C. Fast Money: This is the US CNBC TV program, advertised to your fastest Wall Street trading floor information, so that you can make a decision. This program is more suitable for high-level English students to watch.
Write new English phrases and phrases
You just use your eyes and ears, learn English opportunities almost everywhere! However, it is hard to remember that you have seen a lot of English in the day, so it is recommended that you use the following ways to strengthen your learning:
1. Take a laptop or cell phone for your notes
Whenever you hear or read new English phrases and phrases, write down! As long as the day copy 5 to 10, and find out their own definition. Such as Let's kick things off. (Definition: Let's get started).
2. Every night the review is written in English phrases
If you do not review the phrase you wrote, you will not progress. Therefore, be sure to repeat your own short sentences and vocabulary every night, and to be able to fully understand.
3. Try to use the English you have learned
Think back to what new sentences or vocabulary you have learned the day before and put them in your own work so that your English will progress more quickly.